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Why is 2020 the best year to start your online reselling business?

2020, the year of uncertainty, humanity faces a unique challenge. The current stress on the existing systems will unequivocally change the way we do a lot of things. According to the experts, we fast-tracked ten years of changes in consumer habits and behavior in 6 months!

Like any big event in our lifetime, there will be winners and losers after this crisis. And going for the gold is undoubtedly the thriving industry of e-commerce. The robustness of big tech giants boosted it. People are adopting new consumption habits that are here to stay.

I mean everybody wants to win, so what can you do & why you should consider doing it?

The most significant disruption the world has ever seen has changed everybody’s lives. The latest forecast in the US shows a considerable increase to reach more than $700 Billion by the end of this year in consumer e-commerce spending.

Yes, Amazon is the big monster that is hard to compete with. Heck, you can be an Amazon seller, then the company will call you a ‘Partner,’ and you might do just fine. Well, there is a catch; you have to follow their rules and understand their marketplace business practices. Of course, with over 2 million other resellers out there, the competition will remain fierce, but so is the growth rate.

A lot is happening in the industry because even Amazon, at its current pace, won’t be able to keep up with the demand. The latest partnership between Shopify and Walmart demonstrated another step towards the inevitable digital transformation. Brick and mortar retail is taking a hit and will unlikely to regain its previous shape, and department stores could be forced out of the market or switch most of their operations online.

Why, you may ask? Because that’s where customers are!

People want the convenience of ordering in their pajamas while binge-watching Netflix. Customers are accustomed to clicking buy now buttons for instant gratification, and they expect easy UX design and outstanding customer service. Then Repeat…

Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Mercari need sellers in order to operate. Building a system that is independent and will only thrive during these uncertain times is the best thing you can do if you have the time. In a new world where no government or job might save you, the only way to achieve financial freedom and security is to develop the skills that give you the ability to create value and generate profits on your own.

I am no Guru, and this might be anecdotal evidence, thus not enough for most to psychologically accept the coming change. But with change Chances abound, and a lack of courage might keep you off the boat.

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