Ecom Hustles

I am an experienced growth marketer with a solid background in product/service marketing, brand management, business strategy, and project management.I a problem solver. I approach challenges with high energy and understand how to navigate stakeholders and optimization loops.

My previous corporate experiences, combined with my passion for digital marketing and innovative ways to leverage the web, helped me understand systems that make brands create connections with their audiences and also remain profitable.
Having started as an Analyst in 2013, I chose strategic partners based on relevant data. As a result of understanding both sides’ business models, I created long-lasting relationships.

As a brand manager, I understood all marketing aspects, both operational and strategic. As an executive team member and strategic partner, I interacted with vendors and agencies and reported to the executive team.


After getting my MBA in 2018, I took a deeper dive into E-commerce and content marketing and have acquired theoretical and practical skills in digital marketing, content creation, and E-commerce during the past four years. In addition, I have been able to accelerate my learning by applying my knowledge to different projects.

Ecom Hustles came in as a natural result of my journey.

 As a consultant, I assisted small businesses & entrepreneurs in making the transition online, keeping their doors open, and exploring alternative sources of income.
From building online stores and selling on marketplaces like Amazon to providing digital marketing guidance to entrepreneurs as they start their journey.

Being a part-time content creator myself, I understand hands-on how to use this strategic marketing method that entails creating and distributing various types of content, most typically online.

I now help my clients attract, engage, entertain, inform, and convert prospects by providing valuable, relevant content.

Now that you know my story, I would love to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!